Seasonal Eating

The changing seasons in the UK mean that we have an ever-changing line-up of produce to get excited about. We all have our favourite season or seasons for various reasons and often events are linked to the food that's around. Nothing's nicer than a fresh punnet of berries on a hot summer's day or cosying up with a hot bowl of vegetable curry on a winter's evening.
By eating seasonally not only does it give great variety in what we eat throughout the year, but also supports local growers and has huge effects on the environmental impact our consumption has on the planet.


Autumn is coming!

So the long days of summer are fading away... but it's the best time for locally-grown produce. The fields and trees are still very much full of fantastic produce and by embracing seasonal eating, I feel inspired to create new delicious, nourishing meals. It really is our favourite time of year for hearty goodness!

purple sprouting broccoli

Purple Sprouting Broccoli

We love all broccoli but this is our favourite. After the long winter months, the colour is a real treat. Lightly blanched and then a quick flash in the chargrill pan and lightly dressed with olive oil, black pepper and Himalayan sea salt... its the best!!



With its vivid pink stalks and super tangy sweet taste it's a real favourite in the kitchen. You can do so much with this beauty - we love making compote to go in lots of our deserts and sauces. It's great with a ginger kick!


Autumn sample menu

Tofu Tikka Wrap

Beetroot & Chickpea Burger served in a Wholemeal Bun with crunchy Seasonal Salad on the side

Cashew Curry served with Brown Rice and home made Chutney

Squash and chickpea Tagine served with Chargrilled Broccoli Salad and Brown Rice

Rhubarb Fool

Wild Garlic

Wild Garlic

Super pungent and beautiful in equal measure. So much to do with this, it gives every dish it's added to a real punch. Great in sauces, dressings and soups but be quick - it's really not around for long!