What does Rupert’s stand for?

As vegans we are passionate about the impact of the meat industry on the planet, humans and animals that give their lives. Our objective is to inspire and enlighten each and every customer with our diverse food. We strongly believe that it is possible to live a full, healthy and rich life without animal products.

Food & drink

The suppliers to Rupert’s are an integral part of our business. We only acquire produce of very high standards, seasonal and fresh, local and organic were possible. The drinks that we serve are sourced from smaller producers some of which will be seasonal but essentially all will be ethical and organic.


We believe that where possible everything we use should be sustainable. That’s why we only use cups, plates, cutlery and all things needed to enjoy our divine food that can break down in less than 12 weeks.


We serve our customers the highest possible quality vegan organic were possible, produce at reasonable prices. We have a clear objective towards health and the benefits that a meat and dairy free diet can offer. There is growing evidence that a diet that is low in saturated fats and high in dietary fiber (both of which can be obtained by eating less meat and more vegetables) is a healthy one. We look after the wonderful people who work with us and make it a fun and rewarding place to work. We have a diligent consideration to society, our neighbours and to the people who supply us.


We believe in being honest and truly trustworthy, we offer this to our customers and we ensure that ALL our suppliers are of the same mentality as us.